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In the spirit of transparency and full disclosure, Chief O’Guinn wants to address certain media accounts and other published statements regarding his previous position as Chief of Police for the City of Carbondale, Illinois.

Chief O’Guinn was released without cause from the Carbondale Police Department after five and a half years of dedicated service. His first two performance evaluations under City Manager Allen Gill were exceptional. For the next three and a half years, under City Manager Kevin Baity, he received no performance evaluations, no performance reviews or any other commentary, feedback or indication that there was dissatisfaction with his performance.

During Chief O’Guinn’s tenure, three high-profile incidents occurred that attracted media attention, and evoked differing viewpoints throughout the community. Because of his position, and because of ongoing investigations and litigation, he was prohibited from speaking publicly about these incidents. Consequently, two days after a lawsuit was filed in one of the high-profile cases involving the City of Carbondale and Chief O’Guinn, he was abruptly released from employment and told only that it was a personnel issue. Subsequently, Chief O’Guinn was dismissed as a party to the lawsuit, was absolved of any wrongdoing, and City Manager Baity was forced to resign.

Throughout four decades in law enforcement, Chief O’Guinn built an unblemished reputation for fairness, honesty, competence, innovation, community involvement, expertise, sound judgment and high performance. He received numerous awards, commendations and letters of support, as his references will confirm. He welcomes the opportunity to speak directly with your search committee so that he can candidly address these issues, and is confident that he can demonstrate that he is a proven leader who can leverage valuable lessons learned for the betterment of your organization.

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